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Top 10 Countries With Most Prostitutes in the World


Probably the most severe matter for society in the world today, the prostitution is certainly the killing factor for any civilization in the world. Mostly in the Gulf nations, the offender’s sentence is one and only death but still kid prostitution and human trafficking both are threatening the most to some countries. Many countries have formed laws for prostitution due to which various punishments are given to the offender. According to Denis Fines, about 3 million people are traveling every year on sex tourism trips and prices major perks for every kind of such tourist. Here is the list of  Top 10 Countries with Most Prostitutes in the World.

10. Dominican Republic

Due to virtual accessibility from USA and Europe, the Dominican Republic has got ranked in countries with the most sex workers. Though the prostitution is illegal is the country with strict punishments but the sex trade doesn’t seem to bring down as approximately 60000 to 1, 00,000 women are prostitutes there.

Top Ten Countries with Most Prostitutes

9. Cambodia

Regardless of stringent laws and punishments for prostitution, Cambodia remains a favorite sex destination where sex workers are available the most. The virginity of the child is an utmost valuable factor as the virgin child is auctioned off to the maximum bidder. The most observed difficulty in Cambodia is the child sex which is the most common factor in the societies of the country. The dark shadows of prostitution have shattered Cambodia as no females there have been left with any other option except to become sex workers.

Top Ten Countries with Most Prostitutes

8. Netherlands

The fascinating facts about sex tourism in Netherlands are that it is legal and relatively safer to execute the sex deal as the government doesn’t have any restrictions towards the business. The smallest rate in Amsterdam is about 35 to 100 Euros. The Dutch nation is very famous due to its relatively safer and natural sex tourism offer. The notorious red light region in Amsterdam presents the sex workers in glass windows with various rates corresponding to the time of the day, age and attractiveness of the customer.

Top Ten Countries with Most Prostitutes

7. Kenya

One will be shocked to Kenya in the list of nations with the most sex workers. Due to that, even the girls aged 12 are involved in prostitution to earn their livelihood. Poverty is the primary reason for the flourishing sex trade in Kenya as the country is economically destitute. This situation has led to an enormous number of HIV/AIDS cases as the prostitutes don’t use a condom for the purpose.

6. The Philippines

The Philippines is the 6th top rated country with the highest rate of prostitution, Regardless of sex trade being banned and having harsh punishments for prostitution in the Philippines; it is still a well-running business in the country. The clients there are mostly business people from the Western and East Asian countries. The prostitutes in the Philippines tend to have a diversified lifestyle which has been the favorable factor in fat sex trade there. It is being noted that about 40 to 60 % of the total tourists go there just for sexual tourism.

Top Ten Countries with Most Prostitutes

5. Colombia

Typically famous for the most drug usage, Colombia is another sex destination. This fact has increased the sex trade in Colombia to a significantly high level. The primary reason for most of the sex trade in Colombia is because the prostitutes there will lower their price rates if the client is well looking and has a handsome personality.

Top Ten Countries with Most Prostitutes

4. Indonesia

Famous for having probably the most active sex tourism system in the world, Indonesia is an attraction for most of the sex tourism lovers. The simple access to sex workers via the internet is the primary factor responsible for increasing sex trade in the country. Although it is considered to be the crime against civility and morality and is illegal the prostitution in the country is growing rapidly due to the highest availability of prostitutes in brothels and during online forums.

 Top 10 Countries with Most Prostitutes in the World

3. Spain

In Spain, adultery is a legal matter now and due to that, the country has been ranked as one of the best places for sex tourism. Astonishingly, most sex operators there are from South Americans. It is one of the best places for sex tourism in Europe. The red light area in the cities like Ibiza, Barcelona, and Madrid is an open invite for the prostitution lovers around the world.

Top Ten Countries with Most Prostitutes

2. Brazil

Brazil Country had been one of the most popular tourist destinations for its fantastic natural beauty, exotic wildlife, soothing beaches and exciting events like Carnival. The numbers of prostitutes are rising rapidly with the rate expected to be increased more in future. But accidentally Brazil is a great place for sex tourism as well. Among the FIFA World Cup 2006, the government tried its best to control the sexual cases, but they seem to fail as the sex trade doesn’t appear to slow down.

Top Ten Countries with Most Prostitutes

1. Thailand

In the ranking Top 10 Countries with Most Prostitutes in the World, it is an absolute fact that no one in the world doesn’t know about the famous Bangkok city which has worlds’ uppermost number of the sex worker. It is the underlying culture of Thailand whereas their major prostitution centers are famously known as Bangkok’s Red Light Region. They sense no shame in their profession as it is their culture. Anybody who is involved in immoral and illegal activities would surely love Thailand.

Top Ten Countries with Most Prostitutes

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