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Top 10 Interesting Facts About the United states of America


The United States of America is also known as U.S.A. or America or U.S. which is solitary the prime nations in the World in compliance to the populace as well as its land area. Its economic status is also much appreciated by the globe because it has a stable economy ever.   It has a comparatively squat history as compared to the further countries of the globe having one of the major economies around the globe. Furthermore, it has an assorted population in the world. Have you noticed that America is peculiar position in the world? Always weird is not bad because sometimes it makes the life more interesting and joyful. Undoubtedly U.S.A. is one of the majority unique countries in the world. Please continue reading Top 10 Interesting Facts About the United states of America.

Although U.S.A. is measured as the most powerful and fighting country having the most Nuclear Weapons in the world as compared to the other nations around the globe yet there are ten  Interesting Facts about U.S.A. which denotes it world’s interesting country.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About the United states of America

  1. Bristlecone pine trees which are considered to be the world’s oldest living belongings are found in U.S.A. in California, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.
  2. U.S.A. is consisted of the 50 dissimilar states having diverse land areas. Rhode Island is the smallest state in America having the area of just 1545 sq. miles.
  3. Alaska is the largest state in USA, with the entirety total area of 663,268 square mile.
  4. Alaska has the longest coastline in America consisting of 6640 miles.
  5. Although English is the majority used language in America, and all government matters are resolved by this language, yet it is not the national language of this country because no one language.
  6.  The most deep in U.S.A. is Crater Lake which is located in Oregon. At 1932 feet. It is ranked as the world’s 7th deepest lake. Which was formed via snow melt and precipitation that gathered in a crater created when an ancient volcano, Mount Mazama, erupted about 8000 years ago.
  7. At present Facebook is the most used social network and one of the interesting facts about united states is the largest users of Facebook than all other countries around the globe.It has most Facebook Users in the world.
  8. America Has the most famous food processing companies in the world than other nations around the globe.
  9.  It is the 2nd largest country having the most natural resources in the world, and according to an estimate its overall natural resources are valued $45 trillion.
  10. United states has the highest crime rate in the world according to an estimate,number of crime rate per 1,00,000 was calculated
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