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Wackiest Hotels in USA You Never Know About


Wackiest Hotels in USA You Never Know About

Sometimes it feels really great to do something that’s off the beaten path. When it comes to vacations, going to tourist hotspots can feel too regular, too bland. If you’ve been meaning to take a crazy vacation, we have just the thing for you. It’s not just about the place you’re going; it’s a lot about the place you’re staying at. You spent the majority of your time relaxing in your hotel. Then why not pick a wacky hotel to stay in? If you’re planning to visit the United States, we’ve got a list of the wackiest hotels in the USA  for you to pick from. Ready for your weirdcation?

1. Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

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You get to live inside of a giant dog. There. I dont think it gets any stranger. The bed and breakfast is in the shape of a beagle. Everything inside it is also dog-themed. It has two bedrooms (so you should book well in advance), a gift shop and visitors centre. Hey, you even get dog-shaped cookies. Your dog days will definitely be over once you stay at this unique inn. Bow wow.

2. Wigwam village, Arizona

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Built in the 1930s and 1940s, this is a motel (which was part of chain with motels in Kentucky, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Arizona, California: only the ones in Kentucky, Arizona and Florida still exist today) built in the form of tipisa conical tent that was used by the indigenous people of North America. Why not tipi village then? According to Frank Redford, the architect, Wigwam village sounds better. We agree; it makes an incredible tongue twister. Its setting, with the retro signs and the classic cars in the parking lot, will take you back in time.

3. Winvian Hotel, Connecticut

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Located in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut, this strange hotel has eighteen separate cottages with their own themes. How is that weird, you ask? Okay then. Theres a cottage with a miniature golf course inside (yes, there are grassy carpets everywhere). Theres one with canvases and paints everywhere for use for the more artistic of its visitors. Theres one called the beavers lodge which is an imagination of a, well, beavers lodge. There’s a lighthouse, a cave and even a Masonic-style temple. What more could a vacationer ask for!

4. OutnAbout Treehouses Treesort, Oregon

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Building tree-houses is a very American thing. I bet you’ve always wanted to see what one is like. How about if you live in one instead? Treehouses give you that unique opportunity and the best part is that every treehouse is unique. They range from 8 to 37 feet off the ground; you can choose one with a skylight, one with hardwood floors or one with stained glass windows; some can only be accessed by zip-lines and swinging bridges. Go ahead, branch out!

You can always choose a crazy hotel to stay in for a truly wacky vacation. They say a vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking. So take your vacation someplace crazy this time around!

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